Welcome to Powertech Event Manager for Insite

Powertech Event Manager is a component of HelpSystems Insite which allows you to display information from your installation of Powertech Event Manager in a web-based interface.

This gives you the ability to view and monitor the most critical assets of your business from a single location, whether it be from your desktop or a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

After you download and install Insite on a Windows® or Linux® system, open the web interface in your favorite browser and point it at the server where you have Powertech Event Manager installed. No updates are needed for the products you currently have running on those systems in order to use Insite.

This document is intended an overview to configuring and using Powertech Event Manager.

To access detailed online help when using Insite click on the Insite header bar.

See Other Help for links to other online help for products available within Insite.

For information that is specific to Powertech Event Manager, please refer to your individual Powertech Event Manager documentation.


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