Data Sources

Data Sources are the instances of products within Insite to which you have made a connection.

NOTE: Dashboards can include widgets from multiple Data Sources. They do not need to contain widgets that report data from the same Insite product.

Selecting a Data Source

When adding a widget, you are first prompted to select the Data Source from which the information is generated.

Selecting an Existing Data Source

If you have previously added widgets to the dashboard, the Data Source and Business Asset from which the widget was created are available for selection. Use the drop-down menu option Select Existing Data Source. This is useful if you want to display the same data using two different widget types.

Adding a new Data Source

If no widgets currently exist for this Data Source or you want to create a new widget, you can select a new Data Source. These are displayed as Product Connections in the Add New Data Source section. You can then select a Business Asset from those available in the Assets section.

The Expand symbol preceding a Data Source identifies additional Data Sources that are running on the listed entry.

Creating a Widget without a Data Source

Creating this type of widget allows you to add a title, subtitle and/or Company logo to give your dashboard a professional and personalized look.

For the purposes of adding a title, logo, or other static information to a widget, select the Create widget with no data source option from the Select Existing Data Source menu option.


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