Welcome to HelpSystems Insite

HelpSystems Insite gives you a single web interface where you can go to work with your HelpSystems products, all while using your browser on your desktop, or even on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet.

After you download and install Insite on a Windows® or Linux® system, open the web interface in your favorite browser and point it at your Automate Enterprise server or IBM i system where you have the HelpSystems products installed. No updates are needed for the products you currently have running on those systems.

With Insite, you can access the following products (provided they're installed on the Automate Enterprise server or the IBM i):

  • Access Authenticator: Use this to implement multi-factor authentication for user sign on.
  • Alignia Monitoring Room: Use this to display information from your installation of Alignia in a web-based interface.
  • Authority Broker: Use this to allow System Administrators the ability to limit access to powerful user profiles and control access to sensitive databases and programs.
  • Automate Ops Console: Use this to monitor and control your Automate Enterprise server resources, including workflows, tasks, processes, and agents.
  • Deployment Manager: Use this to quickly and easily install, update, and license your HelpSystems products.
  • Password Self Help: Use this to allow users to reset their own passwords without assistance from a help desk or system administrator.
  • Network Security: Use this to monitor and control access to networked systems that are set up in Network Security.
  • Robot Network: Use this to monitor the performance and statuses of your IBM i partitions, and respond to statuses (Reply, Escalate, Assign, and etcetera).
  • Robot Schedule: Use this to monitor and manage the jobs that are set up in Robot Schedule.
  • Webdocs for IBM i: Use this to go paperless by automating business processes and digitally managing the entire life cycle of your business information.

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