Dashboards Overview

Image with some of the available dashboards displayed.

Each of the products that you can work with on HelpSystems Insite has a set of dashboards that display data from the systems that the server is connected to. You can create custom dashboards that show you the data you need to see, all on one screen.

Things to note:

  • You can create more than one dashboard.
  • You can view dashboards created in Insite 1.x by clicking on Legacy Dashboards from the Dashboard list page.
  • Any combination of widgets can be used in the same dashboard. You can even use a mix of widgets from different products.
  • Dashboards are specific to the profile you used to log on. However, you can share them with everyone or keep them private, as needed.
  • Users logging on with the guest profile can view only those dashboards marked as Guest. For more on the guest profile, see Authentication.

See the following topics for additional information about Insite Dashboards:


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